Some high level considerations I make before buying shares

When deciding which shares to buy, many considerations need to be made in order to help you decide whether you not you think the shares will be profitable. This will normally involve a combination of fundamental analysis, review of annual reports and broker views as well as the views of investment writers (from publishings including The Motley Fool, Investors Chronicle and Shares magazine). Here are some metrics I tend to use to screen a list of shares before shortlisting for more detailed analysis. Read More

The power of dividend reinvesting

The power of dividend paying stocks simply cannot be understated. This is money that is paid out of a listed company’s profits to shareholders on a per share basis. This means that the more shares you own, a higher proportion of the dividend you are entitled to. Although they may appear small and insignificant in the first instance, in the long run they can dramatically improve total returns on a portfolio. Read More